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  1. Taurine Dreams: On Rumba, the overly-orange energy elixir.

    November 14, 2011 by brandonjoyce

    It’s fitting that the first review on Food Spiral would be an energy beverage. Where better than the Food Spiral to transgress the boundaries between Food and Drug? Or, to explore the difference between mere nutrition and true ecstasis? Aren’t we blessed to live in a world where we can purchase a magical elixir for two dollars, drink it with friends in the grit behind a shopping center, by a loading dock and a buzzing highway, and spend the rest of the afternoon wrestling cardboard boxes? Equally, we can read a Great Work, follow it with a canister of radioactive energy fluid, and find ourselves still awake and frothing thirty hours later, on a grassy patch somewhere near our house, in the grips of an Absolute.