The Older, newly arranged. Brandon Joyce.

Funfacts: A Poem Written Under the Providence Moon.

Highlights Magazine, Geronimo, Captain Kangaroo,
Stupid-Stop-and-Shop, Potato-Peelers,
Gumby and Pokey, Fingernail Clippers.
Masturbate to Lady Jay.

Pharmaceutical expressions of the emotional spectrum:
Haldol, Zanax, Prozac, Lithium, Ritalin, And So On.
The cinematic sensation of things, the complete pictures:
like metaldust from picking locks.
Unfinished woods. Dull pains in the coccyx.
Shoney’s Breakfast Bar- diced meat salads-
on a cold lonely morning, for only $4.99.

Fragile Christmas Balls, painted with sleds and
holly and baby silhouettes.
“It was a just three years of just fog, and a lot of bad decisions.”
Life in the twenty-first century is
so present, it hurts. Black Bart tattoo.
Logorrhea, I’m beginning to suspect, is only energy diverted from action.
L.E.D.s and other happy acronyms. Smoke-emitting diodes. Reststop blues.
Burly, indy cool.
Taylor Dane looped over the intercoms in Hell, swab the urethra.
Tony Alva, Venice Beach.

Awoken this morning by the doorbell,
rung by a dude with stragglylongblonde hair
“Hey, man, I haven’t been here in a while.
Do you know where the needle exchange is?”

Good morning Brandon.
Junior high boys and girls jogging along in some marathon,
with steam rising coming off their braces.

Impko. American Flag Whatever, Action Comb,
Action-Anything, Plastic Swans and Clams, Pins—
Gimme a Break, Connect-the-dot, Forget-me-not, Whatever.
Connect-the-dot. Grape Nuts.
Vlad described our cat Mousebane as “the color of poverty.”
Looking through the medicine cabinet.
Removing your kidneys in bathtubs.

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