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An Evening of Enchantment
This is a very special picturebook about a particular evening in our happy West Philadelphian home, the Open House on January 9th, 2004. Life and its documentation are often difficult to coincide, and for this reason, most of the photogrpahs are from either right before or directly after the night in question. It was an Evening of Enchantment, and I could almost hear the plunk of local property values, the combustion of twentyfive of Virginia's finest egomaniacs in the same space at the same time.

the slide/vortex in no less than eight dimensions. connects upstairs with down. our hypercube was broken months before the party.

magic forest in the front yard. 30 christmas trees. police threatened us for days. something about the firecode. one particularly nasty officer said he would slap us with a hundred dollar citation if the trees were not removed before the openhouse. we figured the effect was worth a hundred dollars. jonny and heather drew up a giant check made out to the city of philadelphia, to hand him in a lottolike photo op. ramsey even readied his camera. but the officer never showed. again proving the principle of definitive action; that the best luck is always pushed luck.

octopus descending the staircase. a whole zoo of cartoons were strung together and rigged to the front door. with pulleys and other rubegoldberg devices. visitors were blinded by two floodlights positioned just inside the entrance. it heightened the effect. we also had booby traps. like maniacally loud cartoon boings and carousel sounds that would go off at sporadic intervals. right next to the drinks. to scare the piss out of our visitors. again i adhere to the idea that every social gathering should be a sociological experiment in itself.

an obscured photo of our extraterrestrial cult leader, cryogenically frozen and kept behind glass. on exhibit during the open house.

wizard willie hoffman autoprestidigitated in the middle of the snowfoampit

dan with paris. paris often visits whenever in philadelphia. she is very different from the persona that the television and paparazzi portray her as. we at 4420 feel blessed to have her.

the brothers morsbergers. regulating. prior to brian's permanent arrival.

bodhi, the white shadow, appeared gallant. and drunk, as usual.

the sum glory of the 4420 trophy case. eight months of victory and manifest destiny.

we filled the parlor with balloons and in turn filled many balloons with helium. we purchased the tank from a wellknown hypermarket, used it, and then returned the tank for a full refund. god bless the unitedstates.

aesthetically speaking this evening was the house in its fullest blossom. relentless hyperreality in every direction. after this, like a civilzation past its cycle, decay and decline set in.

this pervert apparently came all the way from berlin for the open house. he managed to touch every last person at the openhouse in a presumptuous manner.

me and rich, before we fled the country for, respectively, south america and germany. i really enjoyed showing people many of the funnest fixtures within our walls. the time machine. the slide. the treats. the inventions. i also enjoyed the concussion i got from a botched backflip on a slippery floor. blacked out for two or three minutes. and didn't go to sleep that night. just to prevent brianblips or aneurysms or whatever.

at some point everyone started doing backflips and frontside mctwists into the styrofoam. to roaring applause.
w schenck


r davis

j fritz

r morsberger

you can see, in the left side of this photo, the foam pit before its destruction and dissemination. pristine and very tempting.

during its destruction.

a boatload of fools at the end of the evening. i commend rory for eating so many christmas lights while they were still plugged into the wall. it was a perfection of the mood.

heather, annelies, and max. early in the evening.

the house-within-a-house in a gentle cloud of egyptian smoke.

chaunce caught on camera during the exorcism of an ancient indian resident of 4420. all i heard was a loud popping sound.

mr. schenck, mr anderson, and mr. grewal. upon departure.

gray the residential realist grumbling over the gritty truth of the following morning.

mr cruz-palmer neckdeep in the hyperreal.

antonio--- da roma-- e annelies-- da virginia--- parlando italiano o qualsiasi.


the end. many thanks to ramsey, brian, bird and annelies for the lovely photographs. and ofcourse to the many guests who joined us in our cozy castle for such a relaxing affair.

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