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Announce yourself at meetings,
quietly but proudly


Quiet Time Children's Sedatives.
Children love the gummy bear shapes.
Parents love the time to themselves.
Comes in 6 delicious flavors.


The perfect, discreet accessory
for the recreational sneezer.


Help fight dementia with this helpful kit.
Includes social security bracelet,
memo-pad, note recorder, family tree
and handy mirror.



  Everything for the serious cocaine aficionado.


This wristwatch allows you to know
Where rather than When. The ideal
Father's Day gift, this season.


Rubix Cube® for the Blind.
6 textured sides that allow you to play
in the dark.


Comfortably holds cheese, crackers,
and two glasses of wine (white and red).
Ideal for galleries or elegant occasions.


A perfect gift for holidays or anniversaries,
Trust Pendants allow to you to keep tabs
on your spouse or partner.


Avoid obnoxious fees and prevent
unnecessary wear on your DVD player
with the Unique Concepts® DVD Rewinder.
Simply insert the DVD and
press the red button, and your DVD is
rewound instantaneously.


Packs into your suitcase.
Dries up to three items of clothing
in a few short minutes.


Compatible with RCA jacks.
Finally record your favorite dreams.
Quality built for durability and comfort.
Features six comfort grip positions
and fits most any cranium.


Refuse to be a victim.
Immobilize aggressors with the handleblade.


Lather, wash and rinse all
inside the shower suit. Packs
easily into a suitcase or large,
dark bag.


Carries up to 4 gallons of
your favorite energy fluid.

America's favorite packing game
now comes in travel size.


Deep ear-cleansing action with
disposable tips. Safe and sane.


For millenia, Man has struggled
to attain a comfortable reading
position. Now that struggle has
come to an end. With the Hands-Free
Book-Buddy, you can read for hours
longer without strain or discomfort.


Adorable and soft, Cellphone Snugglies
will make your phone your favorite pet.


The traditional mirror only allows
you to see your reflection reversed
from left to right. The True Mirror
allows you to see yourself as you
really are.


Cool soups and hot beverages
quickly and safely.


This device uses proven germicidal
technology (the same kind trusted
to sanitize hospital equipment)
to eliminate up to 99% of the germs
in your food and water. The battery
powered headset straps comfortably
over the head and mouth, and can be
comes with UV Sunglasses to help
protect eyes from the UVlight.
Requires two AA batteries.
Gentle UV Light sanitizes water
and food before in reaches you.

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